„RAU Extrait de Caviar 24h" 5 ml, „RAU Caviar Serum” 5 ml, „RAU Tri-Peeling” 5ml
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„RAU Extrait de Caviar 24h" 5 ml, „RAU Caviar Serum” 5 ml, „RAU Tri-Peeling” 5ml

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„RAU Extrait de Caviar 24h" 5 ml and  „RAU Caviar Serum” 5 ml

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„RAU Tri-Peeling” 5ml

„RAU Extrait de Caviar 24h Creme”

RAU Extrait de Caviar 24h Cream 5 ml - Our Top Seller Face Cream with Conenzym Q10 - Created for Needy and Dry Skin

This rich, protecting and skin-caring 24-h cream has especially been developed for dry skin and the fight against unwanted lines. High-quality luxurious caviar extract boosts cell metabolism, provides your skin with moisture and supports it in fighting aging. Moreover, different radical scavengers like Q10 protect your skin against free radicals. If used on a regular basis, our "RAU Extrait de Caviar 24h Cream" can effectively slow down the aging process of your skin.

Application: Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin.

„RAU Caviar Serum”

Moisturizing Serum with Caviar Extract for face and neck. Pore reducing and protecting serum.

This modern 4-in-1 concentrate contains extracts of plankton, caviar, oysters, seaweed and sea silt and combines multiple effective ingredients to protect your skin in four different ways: cell regeneration, protection of skin barrier, pore refinement and Rehydration.

Application: Use your fingertips to smooth serum over face and neck. Avoid contact with eyes. For best results wait until your skin has completely absorbed the serum before applying other products (e. g. RAU Caviar 24h Cream).

“RAU Tri Peeling“ is rich and highly effective peeling gel. It deeply cleanses your skin with the aid of high-quality fruit acids and on an enzymatic basis (papaya). The contained fruit acids help to remove the thickened (“dead”) upper skin layer, so that following active ingredients can be efficiently absorbed by your skin and make their full effect.Pigmented moles are also reduced. As the high-quality ingredients in this peeling are perfectly combined, it is also suitable for sensitive and couperose affected skin. Additionally, white tea provides an efficient anti-aging effect. The contained Indian incense is an old ayurvedic remedy which strengthens Pitta energy and is regarded as anti-inflammatory. The skin is the mirror of our soul- so do something good to your skin and release it from everyday stress and impurities.
Application: Apply generously to cleansed skin, avoiding the eye and leave on according to your skin condition 10-20 minutes. Emulsify with wet fingertips and then wash thoroughly. Use a toner afterwards, for example "RAU Tonic Alcohol-Free". A slight tingling sensation is normal and is a sign of the effect. The application should be performed every 2-3 weeks.

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